Pal’s BEI Introduces a Drive-Thru Series for 2010

Would you like to see how a company obtains the fastest drive-thru time, while also being the most accurate and friendly?  Sounds impossible?  Come see how it is done.   At Pal’s, a car leaves the drive-thru line every 18 seconds;  accuracy that is 10 to 50 times that of its competition, and hospitality so effective,… Read more »

Thom Crosby Talks: Using Performance Excellence Based Assessment to Achieve Success

“Since 1956 Pal’s has thrived in a competitive environment and enjoyed major financial success with a customer-driven approach to business.  However, the transition from participating in the market to becoming a dominant presence began in 1994 with the adoption of an unwavering focus on performance excellence.  This is when Pal’s decided to use the Malcolm… Read more »

K&N Management Attributes $10 Million Annual Sales Growth to Lessons Learned at Pal’s BEI

What is the potential return on investment for attending Pal’s BEI training?  Two of our “Achieving World Class Results” class alumni, Ken Schiller & Brian Nolen, owners of K&N Management (Rudy’s “Country Store” & Bar-B-Q and Mighty Fine Burgers, Fries, and Shakes) told us that they “contribute $10 million in additional yearly sales to practicing… Read more »

Accelerating Improvement – Why you should be interested?

“Pinpoint; Feedback; Reinforcement; 10 Step Process.”  These are very strange words to most people.  What if I were to tell you that these were the keys to your organization’s ability to obtain and sustain significant improvement.  Motivating colleagues to come on-board, get engaged, and make meaningful contributions to a critical improvement process is just one… Read more »

Pal’s BEI is big news nationwide

While most in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia know and love Pal’s Sudden Service, pedestrians in Times Square in New York City are just learning about the legendary burger chain. A recent Kingsport Times-News article on the 22-unit restaurant chain was carried by the national news media and a photo from the article and headline… Read more »