Why McClaskey Excellence Institute?

Everything we do is about implementation and value creation using proven win/win practices.

Our success rate at getting course attendees to implement something they learned within 30 days is the envy of the training industry: 100%. For you, this means that like thousands of others who have taken our courses, you will see an immediate return from this training investment.

Yes: Start by attending our Achieving World-Class Results class.
Almost everyone that engages with us does. 

Become that Inspired and Brilliant Leader that Creates Excellence

Leaders engage with McClaskey Excellence Institute because they are on a journey to take their organizations from ordinary to extraordinary. Their goal is to get as close to 100% operations excellence as possible. Each McClaskey Excellence Institute class, coaching session, consulting engagement, and conference presentation will get you closer to being that leader and achieving your goal.

McClaskey Excellence Institute provides a different way of thinking and proven techniques leading to your next best step toward operations excellence.

The McClaskey Excellence Institute Advantage: A Proven Path

The McClaskey Excellence Institute has distilled from role model practices a proven path to go from ordinary to extraordinary in operations excellence. This is our proprietary McClaskey® Triple 100® Path to Operations ExcellenceTM.

Our classes, coaching, consulting, and presentations teach you the elements of the path. All of our engagements enable you to think differently. You also learn to implement proven role model practices. Proven practices, not theory. It is the mindset, principles, and practices that role model companies use to achieve sustained operations excellence.

Create a Competitive Advantage from Operations Excellence

We teach and consult on operations excellence. Operations excellence is getting the most value from your current people, facilities, products, and services.  Getting better results from what you’ve already bought and paid for is the least risky path to sustainable sales and profitability growth. Operations excellence gives you the best profitability and a sustainable competitive advantage by enabling you to deliver your products and services to your brand standard 100% of the time, and do this at the lowest possible cost.  Through our training, consulting, coaching, and speaking, leaders from organizations of all types and sizes can learn how to generate a competitive advantage with the people, facilities, and equipment that they already have in place. You will learn proven performance excellence principles and practices AND how to put them to work.

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5 Reasons to Select McClaskey Excellence Institute

Leaders travel from all over the world from just about every type of organization to attend McClaskey Excellence Institute training, and 80% of our business comes from repeat customers because:

  1. Become that Inspired and Brilliant Leader: As a result of our classes, you will be more of that superb leader who can create even higher levels of operations excellence throughout your organization.
  2. 100% Implementation: Our training process is action-oriented. One hundred percent of the organizations that attend implement one or more of the practices they learned in class. We go beyond just knowledge transfer. We engage you and your leadership team during class and inspire/enable you to carry out action plans based on proven practices immediately upon your return to work. Our training, follow up process, and consulting set you up for 100% success.
  3. Proven Practices: We only teach proven practices and principles. Everything taught is actually utilized by role model organizations to create and sustain excellence.
  4. Think Differently: The reason so many attendees describe our training as “life changing” is because 100% of our attendees come away thinking differently. Thinking differently enables you to lead your organization to a higher level of operations excellence. Thus giving your organization a sustainable competitive advantage.
  5. Sustain the Gain: We teach not only practices that show how to reach role model levels of operations excellence but also how to sustain the gain and make it part of your culture. We will share proven practices that enable you to sustain your gains in operations excellence.

Our classes have been proven to apply to every type of business/organization and to every leadership level and role.

  • We have been conducting and refining these classes for over 20 years. In that time, we have yet to find an organization that could not apply one or more of the techniques taught to their organization. No matter what type of business you have, food service to manufacturing, healthcare to education, government to nonprofits, you will feel at home with the material taught in our classes.
  • Often Presidents/Owners of organizations attend with their entire leadership team. Everyone at every level and within every leadership role comes away thinking differently and with techniques they choose to implement.