Achieving World-Class Results

Want to take your organization from ordinary to extraordinary? Our instructors will teach you the proven McClaskey® Triple 100® Path to Operations Excellence. This path, which is based on proven practices of role model companies, will enable you to lead your organization from ordinary to extraordinary. For each of the elements in this path, you will learn not only “what” the element is, but also, “why” it works, and “how” it can be implemented. The elements are illustrated with examples from a variety of role model organizations. The class is designed to give you insights and proven approaches in four essential areas: Thinking Differently; Focus; People Excellence; and Process Excellence. The class is presented in a way that leaders are “thinking differently” so they can lead their organizations to higher levels of operations excellence. Most organizations send their entire leadership team through the class. It is commonly described as a “life changing” experience that provides attendees with the mindset and path to take their organizations from ordinary to extraordinary.

LEAN for Service & Healthcare

GET RID OF WASTE! Once you are effective, then you need to be efficient. Lean helps identify and eliminate all non-value-added activities. Learn how in this class which is uniquely designed for service environments. It also shows you how to lean out your administrative and support processes. Special feature: how to lean out your emails and meetings, two big time wasters!

Rapidly increase productivity and efficiency while reducing hassle and costs. In this course you will learn Lean principles and tools, see how they are applied in real service businesses, and come away with an action plan for your organization. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to turn their business, department, or organization into a Lean and profitable operation.

Training To 100%

This hands-on workshop will provide proven keys to successful training practices that can take your organization’s performance from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s an overlooked fact that extraordinary organizations have outstanding training processes. They invest in training and don’t settle for less than 100%.

Spectacular Customer Service

Based on the benchmark practices of world-class organizations, this hands-on workshop will provide eight proven keys to consistently delivering spectacular customer service, including the three main steps that give organizations an edge over their competition.