Training To 100%

All organizations train. Learn how extraordinary organizations train to 100%.

This hands-on workshop will provide proven keys to successful training practices to take your organization’s performance from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s an overlooked fact that extraordinary organizations have outstanding training processes. They don’t settle for less than 100%. No matter how good your workforce is, world-class performance does not happen by accident! Leaders of extraordinary organizations understand that to outperform their competition, they first have to out-train them.

Key Concepts:

  • Keys to designing, delivering, and sustaining training to 100%
  • Practice delivering Training to 100%
  • Why training is an investment, not an expense
  • Making the Economic Case: The tangible and intangible benefits of training to 100%
  • The key barrier to achieving high training effectiveness and how to overcome it
  • How to reduce variability in your training

This class is applicable to any type of operations-oriented business whose objectives are to produce its products and services to its brand specifications every time.

Who Should Attend:

**Please note – “Achieving World-Class Results” is a pre-requisite to attend “Training to 100%”.

Training to 100% is a 9-hours spread across 3-day course designed for immediate use. 

  • Organizational executives and leaders
  • Managers and assistant managers
  • Department heads
  • Shift supervisors
  • Trainers