Achieving World-Class Results

A Proven Path from Ordinary to Extraordinary

The most important thing a business can do is delight its customers so they come back and proactively give positive recommendations. You already have great products and services – all you have to do to get more repeat business and more positive recommendations is to deliver your products and services to your brand specifications, every time. This class will teach you a proven path to do that. The class will teach all the steps in the process to take your organization from ordinary to extraordinary operations. The steps will be illustrated by role model examples from alumni organizations of this class and Baldrige winning companies.

Make More Money & Have More Impact with Less Hassle

In essence, this class teaches a proven path to maximize the economic impact from your existing operations.

Like all McClaskey Excellence Institute classes, this class is designed for on-the-job use and immediate implementation using straightforward and proven practices. Between each of the five, half-day sessions, a hands-on assignment will be given so you can start to design and pilot the key concepts that you learned during the class sessions. Also included as part of the class is a 1.5 hr. Debrief Session 4-6 weeks after the end of the class to review what you have implemented as a result of the class and answer any questions.

Key Concepts:

  1. Thinking Differently Creates Excellence
    • The key paradigms that enables leaders to create excellence
    • How leaders of extraordinary organizations think differently than leaders of ordinary organizations
  2. Focus Excellence
    • Using your Mission to focus everything your organization does
    • The Role of the Operations Leader
  3. People Excellence
    • Increasing accuracy, engagement, and productivity, while lowering turnover
    • Concepts extraordinary companies use that makes their hiring process more effective
    • How to enable your people to precisely follow the steps of your process, every time, because they want to
    • Training to 100%
    • Setting up an environment for 100% success
    • Making full use of employees’ time and talent
    • Delivering legendary customer service
  4. Process Excellence
    • Designing processes that are simple and excellent
    • Designing processes for 100%
    • Sustaining improvements over the long term

Who Should Attend:

  • Organization owners and leaders
  • Operations leaders at all levels
  • Managers and assistant managers
  • HR directors and trainers

Our most popular class delivered to thousands of leaders around the world is applicable to any type of organization and business.