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Want some in-depth support in a specific area? Consulting is another one of our specialties.

Research has shown that success on the journey from ordinary to extraordinary is significantly improved by outside consulting and coaching coupled with dedicated inside support.

We serve you through experienced consultants using proven best practices to partner with you to implement sustainable improvements. They can help you design/improve systems that fit your culture that are based on best practices that are effective and efficient, and can be implemented and sustained.

Our consultants have a combined 80+ years of direct experience as performance excellence practitioners in service industries of all types (including restaurants), manufacturing (including R&D), education, and health care.

Reasons our Consulting is of high value and preferred by our clients:

  1. Specialize in Operations Excellence: We focus and specialize on practices that lead to operations excellence
  2. Proven Practices: Based on proven role model best practices
  3. Sustainable Gains: We help you design for sustainable gains that fit your culture
  4. Experienced: We only have experienced consultants
  5. Minimize travel/Flexible Schedules: We keep our charges to a minimum by doing as much work as possible over the phone and internet.

Areas of expertise include:

  • People Excellence Processes: Orientation, training, coaching, and hiring process improvements
  • Focus Excellence Processes: Development of your mission, vision, Key Customer Requirements; Key Brand Requirements; Alignment of all employees to the organization’s mission
  • Process Excellence: Designing waste out of processes through Lean and other techniques; designing work and support processes for 100% execution; using a world-class improvement process; permanently eliminating problems through Root Cause Analysis
  • Strategic Planning: Developing your strategic plan using a 2-day strategic planning workshop
  • Baldrige: Using the Baldrige criteria and award processes to improve your organization. And if you so desire, to obtain recognition by applying for and winning Malcolm Baldrige-based awards at the state and national level
  • Lean: get rid of waste and inefficiencies
  • Service improvement: customer hospitality; speed of service; reduce errors; deliver brand standard products and services 100% of the time
  • Change management: How to make changes stick with the least amount of pain

Pricing: $375/hr.