Keynote/Conference Speaker

Want a presentation that inspires, has impact, and is practical? That shows how high the bar can be set? To get people to think differently? You have come to the right place. We specialize in presentations related to performance and operations excellence that both inspire and enable. Our experienced presenters get people excited and give them something new to implement or think about when they get back to their jobs.

Our speakers deliver thought-proving presentations on a variety of topics that your audience will find energizing and action-inducing. Like our training process, our speaking engagements are geared toward active implementation, not just passive listening.

Our presentations are customized to your organization’s or your event’s needs. Whether it’s a 1-hour keynote, a breakout session, a workshop, or a full-day session, we can deliver a presentation that will inspire and enable your attendees to take improvement actions that will benefit your organization. We can do whatever length your event requires, from 20 minutes up to 8 hours.

Reasons Our Presentations are Highly Rated:

  1. Inspiring: Sharing excellence inspires others to also achieve it
  2. Thought provoking: Come away with a different way of thinking
  3. Practical: Describe approaches that can actually be implemented to solve real problems
  4. Action-oriented: Designed to lead to action, rather than just listening
  5. Engaged: Active, not passive listening; Causes audience to consider how they can use the topic to solve their own problem
  6. Interesting: Presented in a manner that keeps the audience’s attention using actual examples from role model companies


Our field of expertise is performance excellence, with an emphasis on operations excellence. We have spoken at events with just about every type of organization. We tailor our presentation to your needs at no extra charge. Some of our more recent presentations include:

  • From Ordinary to Extraordinary – The Keys to Operational Excellence
  • Set Your Team up for 100% Success
  • Empowering Leaders to Deliver 100% Operations Excellence
  • 3 Keys to Excellence
  • Time Management and Extraordinary Productivity
  • Delighting Every Customer Every Time
  • Delight Every Student Every Time
  • Training to 100%
  • Designing Out Your Employee Problems
  • Enabling Service Processes to Perform Near 100%

For pricing, contact: contact David McClaskey at 423-914-2774 or