Executive Coaching

Just-in-time specific advice that maximizes progress and sustainability and minimizes rework.

Clients that are serious about creating sustainable operations excellence and profit growth combine our training with Executive Coaching.  Executive Coaching is after-class support that complements our training perfectly in order to help you obtain and sustain operations excellence. It is a great one-two punch for sustained progress. Research shows that coaching and structure are two key elements needed to focus and sustain a systematic improvement effort. Our Executive Coaching does exactly that.

Our Executive Coaching process is supportive and flexible while cost and time efficient: We will help you accelerate and sustain your improvement process while keeping our charges to a minimum by doing as much work as possible over the phone and internet.

Executive Coaching Maximizes the Impact of Your Improvement Efforts:

  1. Minimize Rework and Failed Efforts: Our Executive Coaching is based on years of experience with role model companies enabling you to avoid mistakes in the first place. Learning from your mistakes is fine. Learning from others’ mistakes is even better.
  2. Focus on the Vital Few: Outside coaching helps you focus on a few high-value projects each year. This helps you make the most of your efforts by only going as fast as you can sustainably improve. A big failure mode for sustainable improvement is to attempt too many projects at one time.  Coaching helps you to avoid this failure mode.
  3. Sustain the improvement effort itself: Using Executive Coaching provides the support needed to keep your improvement efforts going. Without outside support and encouragement, many improvement efforts fade and then stop within months.
  4. Replicate and Sustain the Improvements Once Implemented: Improvements only add a competitive advantage when they are sustained. They add the most value when they are both sustained and used everywhere applicable. Our coaching helps you design and implement improvements so they are replicated and sustained.
  5. Uses Coaches with Implementation Experience: We only consult on proven practices related to operations excellence.

How Much does it Cost? $375/hr.

Getting started is simple:

  • Sign up at the end of the Achieving World-Class Results class
  • No travel involved: Involves a 1-2 hour per month web-based conference call (where we can see each other’s computers to share information); everyone with web access can join the meeting from exactly where they are
  • Who attends: the leadership team
  • What occurs during the meeting:
    • Determine the operations excellence strategy and the vital few key projects for this year
    • Develop a Charter (which includes an action plan) for each project
    • Review the progress vs. plan; and the results vs. goals
    • Share role model practices and knowledge that will lead to the most effective and sustainable implementation
    • Answer questions/discussion involving implementation and sustaining the gain
    • The leadership team keeps learning by doing to create sustainable operations excellence within your organization
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