david-mcclaskey-business-trainingLeaders attend McClaskey Excellence Institute training courses because they want to fuel their journey from ordinary to extraordinary. Their goal is to get as close to 100% operations excellence as possible. Each McClaskey Excellence Institute class will get you closer to that goal.

Our training provides a different way of thinking and proven techniques that lead to your next best step toward operations excellence.

Five reasons why leaders travel from all over the world, from just about every type of company, to attend McClaskey Excellence Institute training and why 80% of our business comes from repeat customers:

  1. Become that Inspired and Brilliant Leader: As a result of our classes, you will be more of that superb leader who can create even higher levels of operations excellence throughout your organization.
  2. 100% Implementation: Our training process is action-oriented. One hundred percent of the organizations that attend, implement one or more of the practices they learned in class. We go beyond just knowledge transfer. We engage you and your team during class and inspire/enable you to carry out action plans based on proven practices immediately upon your return to work. Our training, follow up process, and consulting set you up for 100% success.
  3. Proven Practices: We only teach proven practices and principles. Everything taught is actually utilized by role model organizations to create and sustain excellence.
  4. Think Differently: The reason why so many of our course attendees describe our training as “life changing” is because 100% of our attendees come away thinking differently. Thinking differently enables you to lead your organization to a higher level of operations excellence. Thinking differently gives your organization a sustainable competitive advantage.
  5. Sustain the Gain: We teach not only practices that show how to reach role model levels of operations excellence, but also how to sustain those gains and make them part of your culture. We will share proven practices that enable you to do so.

Our class attendees have demonstrated that McClaskey Excellence Institute course content applies to every type of business/organization and to every leadership level and role.

  • We have been conducting and refining these classes for over 20 years. In that time, we have yet to find a company that could not apply one or more of the universal techniques taught to their organization. No matter what type of business you have, manufacturing to government, healthcare to education, food service to nonprofit, you will feel right at home with the material taught in our classes.
  • Often Presidents/Owners of organizations attend with their entire leadership team. Everyone at every level and within every leadership role comes away thinking differently and with techniques they choose to implement.

Our success rate at getting course attendees to implement something they learned within 30 days is the envy of the training industry. We are 4x better than the best benchmark we can find. For you, this means that you will see an immediate return from this training investment like thousands of others who have taken our courses.

Achieving World-Class Results (AWCR)

In this two-day course, attendees learn how to put world-class principles and practices into action in their organizations. You will learn:

  • How to better accomplish your mission without adding resources
  • The leader’s role in building and sustaining a culture of excellence
  • The least expensive and least risky path to growth
  • How to design operations that are easy to manage AND operate at best-in-class levels
  • The economics of excellence
  • How to implement improvements that are used by all and don’t fade away
  • The importance of designing jobs that fully use employee talents
  • To implement training that gets 100% of your people trained to do the job 100% right under 100% of the conditions they will face
  • How and why to set unachievable goals
  • Why organizations that change the slowest change the most
  • How to deliver legendary customer service
  • How to hire the right people so that your turnover is lower and your productivity is higher
  • Why you should develop and implement an AND mindset not an OR mindset
  • The importance of determining what business your organization really is in
  • Why ordinary managers and their organizations stay ordinary
  • How to walk past your competition and never have to look back
  • Why organizations with stricter accountability actually fire fewer employees
  • The ROI of respect

Lean for Service and Health Care

Like Achieving World-Class Results, this is an action-oriented course. In this one-day course, we will do a deeper dive into the efficiency side of operations excellence. You will learn Lean principles and tools, see examples of how they are applied in real businesses, and come away with an action plan for your organization.

This course is designed for those who want to turn their business, department, or organization into a lean and profitable operation. In it you will learn how to:

  • Design the value in and the waste out of processes
  • Identify the eight major types of waste
  • Turn a series of small improvement steps into huge savings
  • Use lean tools to eliminate waste in your organization
  • Rapidly improve efficiency and reduce costs while not decreasing effectiveness
  • Use Lean tools to improve at both work and home

Training To 100%

This hands-on workshop will provide proven keys to successful training practices that can take your organization’s performance from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s an overlooked fact that extraordinary organizations have outstanding training processes. They invest in training and don’t settle for less than 100%.

Spectacular Customer Service

This hands-on workshop will provide eight proven keys to consistently delivering spectacular customer service, including the three main steps that give organizations an edge over their competition.

Classes fill up early. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pricing for all public courses per person:

  • 2-day courses (Achieving World-Class Results): $975
  • 1-day courses (LEAN for Service & Healthcare, Training to 100%, Spectacular Customer Service): $575

For more information, including pricing and availability, contact Katie Wood at 423-914-2447 or KatieWood@McClaskeyExcellence.com