LEAN for Service & Healthcare

Get Rid of Waste!

Once you are effective, you need to be efficient. Lean helps identify and eliminate all non-value-added activities so you can rapidly increase productivity and efficiency while reducing hassle and cost.

In this course specifically designed for service environments, you will learn Lean principles and tools, see how they are applied in real service businesses, and come away with an action plan for your organization. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to turn their business, department, or organization into a Lean and profitable operation.

Course Objectives:

  • Enable you to immediately apply Lean to your business (and personal life)
  • Provide practical tools and techniques you can use to identify and eliminate waste of all types in your operations
  • Learn how to lean out your administrative and support processes
  • Provide a compelling vision of the benefits of a Lean culture and mindset
  • Facilitate you developing a Lean action plan for your organization prior to the end of class
  • Special feature: learn how to lean out your emails and meetings, two big time wasters!

Typical Agenda:

  1. What is Lean?
  2. How to identify the eight types of waste in your business.
  3. Learn Lean techniques and how to use to eliminate waste (5S, Visual, POUS, Value Stream Map, etc.)
  4. Discuss use of Lean and how to apply to your operations
  5. Effective strategies for implementation in your business
  6. Develop and review your action plan for using Lean techniques in your operations

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