4 Steps to Successful Project Managment

Today projects are the way everyone works, no matter what business we are in. We are all project managers. We need to hit deadlines, not watch them pass. We strive to maintain the team motivation beyond the beginning stages. We need to understand how to reduce backtracking, eliminate rework, and decrease costs. The goal is to deliver and close a high quality project on time and within budget.  Skillfully managed projects (large or small) involve a 4-step process.  This proven approach helps project managers and their teams craft and deliver high quality projects on-time and within budget.   This four step approach helps project managers:
  • Develop a smart project plan
  • Execute the right tasks at the right time. (Decreases project costs)
  • Obtain and strengthen buy-in from team members and stakeholders.
  • Learn how to recognize potential problems and, allow an opportunity to self-correct.
These four steps are taught in Franklin Covey’s one day seminar on Project Management hosted by Pal’s Business Excellence Institute which will be offered at Pal’s BEI training facility on Friday, October 23, 2009.   This session is ideal for those with no project management training and for those who are taking on an increasing number of project-oriented assignments.   This is a hands-on seminar.   Attendees are encouraged to focus on their own current projects, and even bring some notes about a current project in process.    Remember that skillful project management can mean the difference between mediocre and phenomenal results.