Thom Crosby Talks: Using Performance Excellence Based Assessment to Achieve Success

“Since 1956 Pal’s has thrived in a competitive environment and enjoyed major financial success with a customer-driven approach to business.  However, the transition from participating in the market to becoming a dominant presence began in 1994 with the adoption of an unwavering focus on performance excellence.  This is when Pal’s decided to use the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence.  The resource serves as a primary organizational assessment tool and guide that continues to redefine our culture and maximize our results.  Performance excellence  based assessment has enabled Pal’s to see through the clutter of daily operations to the essence of what our organization needs to be great at in order to succeed.  It has helped us consistently focus on the capabilities and linkage of our processes and systems.  It has empowered us to innovate, and to develop the right team and training and the right culture and tools to achieve success” – Thom Crosby, CEO, Pal’s Sudden Service.  

How does your company or organization assess excellence?  Learn how your company can use Malcolm Baldrige Criteria to improve performance by attending “Achieving World Class Results.”