McClaskey Keynote Speaker at the Canadian Quality Conference

  (Kingsport, Tenn.)  Pal’s Business Excellence Institute president David McClaskey will be the keynote speaker at the Fourth Canadian Quality Congress in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada next week.  The theme of the event is, “Closing the Quality Gap: Manufacturing Versus Service Organizations”, and will highlight the latest developments in quality improvement processes and the central role they play in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

McClaskey is widely known as an expert in quality management and one of the few individuals to have assisted seven companies to win eight Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards, including Pal’s Sudden Service and Eastman Chemical Company. His Baldrige award consulting track record is at 100%.

McClaskey’s keynote address will be entitled “Decision Making in Government Organizations.” McClaskey says he’ll explain how a simple decision making process built on performance excellence criteria used by world-class organizations can lead to a win-win situation in government decision making.

He will also lead an interactive workshop at the conference as participants learn the steps in the actual process.

“This process helps you by first making sure you’re working on the right problem,” says McClaskey. “Then they’ll learn the steps such as stating the problem in a way that helps leads to a solution and accountability; finding the root cause rather than just a symptom and how to choose the best solution. It’s a part of what we teach at Pal’s BEI to various industries each session.”

The Fourth Canadian Quality Congress will be held June 27-29 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

About Pal’s BEI: Pal’s Sudden Service is a two-time winner of the Tennessee State Quality Award, as well as the first food-service operation to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  Pal’s Business Excellence enables other businesses to elevate the way they execute through training and consulting that is based on the Malcolm Baldrige award winning management principles and practices of Pal’s Sudden Service, as well as other world-class performance excellence models. For more information on Pal’s Business Excellence Institute go to