Pal’s BEI Introduces a Drive-Thru Series for 2010

Would you like to see how a company obtains the fastest drive-thru time, while also being the most accurate and friendly?  Sounds impossible?  Come see how it is done.   At Pal’s, a car leaves the drive-thru line every 18 seconds;  accuracy that is 10 to 50 times that of its competition, and hospitality so effective, that people come back to Pal’s 3-4 times more often then they come back to our best competitor’s store.   One of our customers, A&W Canada, has been able to reduce their drive-thru times by 1/3 as a result of attending Pal’s BEI classes.  This has enabled many more cars to be served resulting in over $50 Million dollar per year increase in the total revenue. 

I am pleased to announce the start of our “Drive-Thru” courses.  No, we have not figured how to do training as you drive-thru. (I wish!)  We have figured out how to help you learn the secrets of consistently running a great drive-thru operation.  Many stores and businesses depend on a drive-thru. In an increasing number of businesses, drive-thru is the preferred method of service.  As such, in many businesses, drive-thru sales has been the leading channel for growth.  Attendees of our Achieving World-Class Results classes have asked if we could add some special classes about how to be world-class in drive-thru accuracy, speed, and hospitality. This year we have introduced two such courses:

 See firsthand a drive-thru restaurant that achieves world-class hand out speeds, accuracy, and hospitality.  These courses are designed to help you not only understand the approaches used, but also the logic behind these approaches so you can improve your results by translating and implementing what you have learned. 

The Drive-Thru Speed and Accuracy class focuses on workforce capability, process management, customer satisfaction, leadership, LEAN principles, and information analysis.  This class also includes a behind the scenes tour of a Pal’s Sudden Service restaurant as well as a Q&A session with Pal’s CEO Thom Crosby. 

The class is ideal for QSR franchise executives, owners, and store general managers who want to improve their drive-thru performance.