Our Services

Private Classes

Private classes are classes that are just for your organization.

These classes can be offered either at your location or in the Kingsport, TN area. Offering them at your location significantly reduces your travel related costs. Contact us via this web site, call, or email for pricing.

Executive Coaching

Just-in-time specific advice that maximizes progress and sustainability and minimizes rework. Clients that are serious about creating sustainable operations excellence and profit growth combine our training with Executive Coaching.

Professional Development Courses

Learn proven tools and develop a new mindset to fuel your journey from ordinary to extraordinary as an individual, team, and organization. Our training provides a different way of thinking and proven techniques that lead to your next best step toward operations excellence.

Keynote/Conference Speaker

Our speakers deliver thought-proving presentations on a variety of topics that your audience will find energizing and action-inducing. Like our training process, our speaking engagements are geared toward active implementation, not just passive listening.


Our experienced consultants can help you design/improve efficient systems that fit your culture and can be implemented and sustained.