How Does It Work?

Getting started is simple:

  • Sign up at the end of the Achieving World-Class Results class
  • No travel involved: Involves a 1-2 hour per month web-based conference call (where we can see each other’s computers to share information); everyone with web access can join the meeting from exactly where they are
  • Who attends: the leadership team
  • What occurs during the meeting:
    • Determine the operations excellence strategy and the vital few key projects for this year
    • Develop a Charter (which includes an action plan) for each project
    • Review the progress vs. plan; and the results vs. goals
    • Share role model practices and knowledge that will lead to the most effective and sustainable implementation
    • Answer questions/discussion involving implementation and sustaining the gain
    • The leadership team keeps learning by doing to create sustainable operations excellence within your organization
Category: coaching