Thom Crosby Talks: Process Management

First Be Effective, Then Efficient

At Pal’s, we carefully design our products and services and continually analyze our delivery processes.  We have created a business model in which our bright and capable leaders and managers are on the front line directly interacting with customers and team members, driving results and being personally rewarded.

These and other measures ensure that our operations meet customer expectations each and every time a customer is served.   Standardization is a critical factor in achieving this.

To make process assessment quick and easy to perform and easy to teach, we have identified and used as many visually based quality standards as possible.  We encourage and expect all team members to self-manage and take responsibility for the overall performance of their positions.  As Pal’s, it is each and every team members responsibility to a pass to the next position or customer only products that fully meet 100% of the internal and customer requirements – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Pal’s training, process design and management systems combine to enable each team member to carry out this job responsibility and, therefore be in a state of self-control.  Thus each individual, without asking or involving a manager, can throw out a product or even shut down or slow down a process, assess and determine cause, and make adjustments to get the output to standard.

We constantly asses our processes, beliefs and results, looking for areas to improve.  When we find a high-value target for improvement, we use our robust SimpleExcellence® Problem Solving Process to reach and implement solutions and then share the learning company-wide.

Thom Crosby – taken from Restaurateur’s Insight Into Performance Excellence