Pal’s BEI Featured in Nation’s Restaurant News

Pal’s Business Excellence Institute was pleased to be featured in the April 4, 2011 Nation’s Restaurant News article entitled Model of Efficiency.  The article highlights how Pal’s BEI training and consulting impacted K&N Management – a 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner – the only other food service company to win.   The article reveals how K&N’s average unit sales were around $3 million per store when they first visited Pal’s BEI and how they are at $7.5 million per unit today.   You can access the full article by clicking on this link.  Ken Schiller, Co-Owner of K&N Management, and T.J. Schier, President of SMART Restaurant Group are both quoted in the article.  To participate in the training that Ken or T.J. have taken – Achieving World Class Results  and LEAN for Service and Healthcare .