Pal’s Elevator Talk

 Everyone ought to have an elevator talk about their organization. This is a 30-45 second description of your company, what makes it special, and drives people to come by. Here’s Pal’s elevator talk, if talking to a business person:

Pal’s Sudden Service is a regional quick service restaurant with 22 locations in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It sells the best hamburgers, hot dogs, Frenchie Fries, milk shakes, Big Chicken and Chipped Ham sandwiches, and is legendary for its big ice tea. Founded in 1956, it has 24 years of consecutive sales and market share growth; serves its customers 3 times faster than its competitors while also being 10 times more accurate; has half the employee turnover of its best competitors; and its customers are so loyal because of the value they receive, that they come back to Pal’s 3-4 times more often than the customer’s of our best competitors. That would be customers come back 3-4 times per week, rather than 3-4 time per month for its competitors. Pal’s is very profitable because it consistently provides a great value and has been in business over 50 years. To help others improve, For the past 10 years, Pal’s has been sharing the secrets of its success to all types of businesses through its Pal’s Business Excellence Institute.

 Want to learn more: Learn about Pal’s World-Class management practices by talking the Sept 14-15 “Achieving World-Class Results” (palsbei then click on “courses” at the bottom of the page). It gives a great overview of all of Pal’s systems and how they fit together to produce world-class results.