See firsthand a drive-thru restaurant that achieves world-class hand out speeds and accuracy.   Learn the management systems and principles behind that organization that achieve speeds and accuracy that result in loyal customers that return 3 to 4 times more often than the customers of their competitors.  The course offers a total perspective on how the management systems of Pal’s Sudden Service are integrated together to produce world-class drive-thru results. It’s designed to help you not only understand approaches used, but also the logic behind these approaches so you can improve your results by translating and implementing what you have learned. 

The class focuses on workforce capability, process management, customer satisfaction, leadership, LEAN principles, and information analysis.  This class also includes a behind the scenes tour of a Pal’s Sudden Service restaurant as well as a Q&A session with Pal’s CEO Thom Crosby. 

The class is ideal for QSR franchise executives and owners who want to improve their drive-thru performance.

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