Meetings that Work counts the cost of meeting time and then teaches participants tools and techniques to make that time more effective.   Meeting facilitators will learn to plan, implement, follow-up and make improvements in their meeting process.  They will hone skills in listening and discovering the interests of the stakeholders involved. The class uses their own meeting scenarios to learn and practice how to engage participants and manage interaction so that options are explored, agreements are built, and decisions are made.


I.  Introduction
         A. Objectives
         B. Agenda
         C. Ground Rules
         D. Participant introductions
II.  The Facilitation Process: Plan-Do-Check-Act
         Plan includes:
                   Roles of Participants
                   Role of Facilitator
                   Pre-Meeting Assessment
III.  Facilitation Skills
         A. Facilitative listening
         B. Discovering interests
         C. Exploring options
         D. Building agreements
         E. Decision-making
         F. Reading the group
IV.  Toolbox
         A. Pre-Meeting Assessment
         B. Room arrangements
         C. Action Plan
         D. Follow-up