Time Management for the 21st Century


The barrage of information coming at us from multiple sources (e.g., texts, email, tweets, blogs, and alerts), coupled with the demands of our careers, are overwhelming and distracting. The sheer volume of information threatens our ability to think clearly and make wise decisions about what’s important. If we react to these stimuli without clear discernment, we fail to accomplish the goals that matter most in our professional and personal lives.

“I thought the email onslaught was impossible to tame, but 6 weeks after the class I can say it is under control on most days.” 5 Choices January 2013 participant


FranklinCovey’s The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity solution inspires participants to apply a process that will dramatically increase their ability to achieve life’s most important outcomes. Supported by science and years of experience, this solution not only produces, a measurable increase in productivity, but also provides a renewed sense of engagement and accomplishment.

“For the first time the staff is working together instead of going in six different directions, because of the roles exercise.” 5 Choices April participant

The 5 Choices Solution

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity process measurably increases productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations. Participants make more selective, high-impact choices about where to invest their valuable time, attention, and energy.

“This is the first month we have ever put sent this publication to press without pulling at least one 24 hour day. My whole life has changed … I have even returned to a regular schedule of exercise.” 5 Choices April participant


Day 1:

  • Discern Importance
  • Identify Roles and Goals
  • Planning Daily and Weekly

Day 2:

  • Workspace Organization
  • Technology
  • Energy Management for Physical and Emotional Health

What You Receive:

The 5 Choices process which includes:

  • Both a pre-assessment 5 Choices Benchmark and re-assessment 5 Choices Benchmark to measure skill and habit development and improvement
  • Learning via a two-day work session that teaches skill that when consistently followed produce extraordinary results.
  • A 5-Week Quickstart implementation process to enable meeting commitments that change results.
  • Follow-up call to calibrate both success in the implementation process as well as adjustments needing to be made to accelerate success.
  • Resources to facilitate ongoing learning and successful implementation of the 5 Choices process including:
    • Three bonus modules for additional productivity learning
    • Wildly Important Goals Bonus Module
    • Office Nirvana Bonus Module
    • Brain-Care Basics Bonus Module
    • 5 Choices Quickstart Website Access
    • Technical Guide – illustrating implementation of 5 Choices skills on technology platforms
    • The 5 Choices Monograph (prelude booklet to a book about The 5 Choices)
    • Take-Home Tools DVD
    • FranklinCovey Planner mobile application

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