Develop yourself and your managers for excellence in results

DEVELOP YOUR MANAGERS. The key skills of self-awareness, building trust, listening and effective communication, conflict resolution, performance management and motivation are the core competencies of your future leaders and are all taught in this two-day course.

Day 1: Developing the Role of Managers; Developing Others

Day 2: Developing Teams; Developing Myself

This course is great for first and second levels of managers including General Managers, Store Managers, Assistant Managers, District and Regional Managers. It provides them with skills that make them more effective with the people who make your business successful: your employees and your customers. This highly interactive, 2-day course teaches people skills which go from hiring the right people, coaching them to peak performance to building the team that carries out your mission. The course also includes feedback and processes for the manager’s self-development.

This course is especially effective with management teams from the same organization.

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