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 Background of David J. McClaskey –  President of McClaskey Excellence Institute:

  1. Baldrige expert and one of the few individuals to have the privilege of assisting seven companies to win eight Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards: K&N Management (2010); Poudre Valley Health Care (2008); University of Northern Colorado Monfort College of Business (2004 winner); Pal’s Sudden Service (2001 winner); OMI (2000 winner); The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (1999 and 1992 winner); and Eastman Chemical Company (1993 winner).
  2. Baldrige consulting track record is at an amazing level of 100% of the companies who have engaged David as their Baldrige consultant for 2 years or more have won the Baldrige Award
  3. Consulting stresses using Baldrige to align around what is important to the organization (the vital few) and driving key organizational results.  Therefore, there is very little waste in that most everything helps the business and is not “just for Baldrige”
  4. Routinely works with all six Baldrige Applicant categories (Healthcare; service; non-profits; small business; manufacturing; education)
  5. Assisted Florida Power and Light to be the first company outside of Japan to win Japan’s National Quality Award, the Deming Prize
  6. Understands first-hand how award winners are selected. For three years David served as one of nine Judges for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  This is the panel of experts, appointed by the Secretary of Commerce, which selects the national Baldrige winners.
  7. Played a key role in Baldrige history in 1988, when he was asked by the U.S. government to design and deliver the training for the very first Baldrige Board of Examiners. Thus became the world’s first Baldrige trainer.
  8. Understands the Criteria to an unusual level of depth since he helped to develop a lot of the Baldrige assessment, scoring, and training protocol that is still used today. He was a “leading contributor” to improvements in the 1989-91 time frame
  9. Served as a Judge for the Tennessee Quality Award (1993-1998; 2004-2009) and a Judge for the State of Georgia Quality Award (1998-2003)
  10. Assisted three companies to win four Level 4 Excellence Awards (highest level) of the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence Award as well as assisted companies to win Baldrige-based State quality awards in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
  11. Developed and taught the initial three-day Examiner Preparation courses for both the Tennessee Quality Award (1993) and the Arkansas Quality Award (1995).
  12. Received a special Certificate of Appreciation from the U.S. Department of Commerce for “outstanding service to the nation” for his work with Baldrige.

Contact us and let us apply our excellent track record toward helping you achieve excellence using Baldrige and being recognized as such at the state or national levels.

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