Author: McClaskey Excellence Institute

Bill Haslam Gains Insight from Pal’s BEI

Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee, Mayor Bill Haslam of Knoxville, spent time on September 10th  learning how area businesses have improved quality, efficiency and their bottom line, after completing courses at Pal’s Business Excellence Institute (BEI) in Kingsport, Tennessee.   Representatives from businesses such as Roadrunner Markets, Holston Valley Medical Center, Caris HealthCare, Holston Medical Group… Read more »

Pal’s BEI Client wins Texas Quality Award

Pal’s Business Excellence Institute extends our congratulations to K&N Management (Mighty Fine Burgers/Rudy’s BBQ Austin) on receiving the 2010 Texas Award for Performance Excellence (press release).   According the recent QSR article K&N Management Earns Texas TAPE Award they are the first restaurant group to win the states highest recognition for quality.    David McClaskey, President – Pal’s Business… Read more »

Thom Crosby Talks: Process Management

First Be Effective, Then Efficient At Pal’s, we carefully design our products and services and continually analyze our delivery processes.  We have created a business model in which our bright and capable leaders and managers are on the front line directly interacting with customers and team members, driving results and being personally rewarded. These and… Read more »