Accelerating Improvement – Why you should be interested?

“Pinpoint; Feedback; Reinforcement; 10 Step Process.”  These are very strange words to most people.  What if I were to tell you that these were the keys to your organization’s ability to obtain and sustain significant improvement.  Motivating colleagues to come on-board, get engaged, and make meaningful contributions to a critical improvement process is just one outcome of using the tools of the 10 step process. Interested in learning what these terms are and more?  

The BEI course “Accelerating Improvement” teaches how to use the world class 10 Step process that has saved organizations hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars. Goals, that organizations have tried to achieve for years, have been achieved as a result of taking this class and using the 10 Step process.   This approach was developed and refined by the world’s expert on the subject and your instructor for this class:  Russell E. Justice.   

The three big topics of Accelerating Improvement course are:  Pinpointing; Feedback; and Reinforcement.  Pinpointing is becoming likeminded about the right improvement opportunity and articulating it in a way that it both resonates with associates and can be reliably measured.  Feedback, is using the pinpoint measure and other highly visible displays of progress vs. the goal, to let everyone know how the organization is doing on accomplishing its pinpointed goal.  Feedback is needed for any organization or person to learn.  Reinforcement is the third part of the magic triangle. Providing positive reinforcement for the right behaviors; progress toward the goal; and for achieving both interim and the final goal.  In this course you will learn how to use the 10 Step process to develop and align the pinpoint, design the feedback system, and plan for positive reinforcement.  Integrated with good project management, process analysis, and action planning, you will tap into the incredible discretionary effort of your workforce.  In the end, this workshop will take your organization beyond projects to enterprise-wide improvement by unifying and mobilizing your associates around THE critical business need.   

Would you like to learn how to do this?  Sign up for the Accelerating Improvement course on Oct. 14-15.  The principles and process taught have a rather universal applicability and can be used when you need a change in behavior or to improve a result.    A proven methodology, very versatile, taught by the expert who developed it and has taught it to hundreds of organizations all over the world.   As in all BEI classes, come with a problem within your own organization in mind, and use the material as it is being taught on your organization’s own opportunity.  If you chose to bring Pal’s BEI instructor to your workplace as your consultant, he can continue to help you use the approach to accelerate your improvement.  

I hope that you will sign up for “Accelerating Improvement”. Oct. 14-15, 2009, at Pal’s Training Center in Kingsport, TN.  Just go to Pal’s BEI website: and click on “Sign Up.”  We look forward to helping you improve.